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Have you ever had a song that is so addictive you just cant get it out your head? Well if you haven’t you will very soon. Miike Snow is a Swedish dace pop group formed in 2007. Surprisingly not one person in the band is called Mike or has the surname Snow but this doesn’t matter. Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg, and Andrew Wyatt have just produce the sound for the summer with their track “Paddling Out”.Whether you want cheering up, a good dance or just simply want to listen to some good music this track makes you smile and tap your feet (and in these depressing times we need a bit of happiness).

If you love bands like Delphic, Django Django or early Calvin Harris this track is for you. I was singing the chorus so loud in the car today i think anyone looking on might have thought I was a bit “special” but you just have to with this song. It will make people who haven’t walked stand up and jiggle themselves all over the place lets hope the album out later this year will be also good as this.

To find out more about Miike Snow go here and enjoy 

Posted on Friday, March 9th 2012, by Moon Powered

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