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Before I start I cannot take any credit for this post. I was struggling to find something new this week so I asked the good people on Facebook to tell me what to write. I have to thank Ms Daisy Shayler-web for introducing me to this group, they are quite special. She’s an excellent, exciting fashion designer and you should check her out here.  

If you feel its time for some Indie Rock and/or roll in your life may I introduce “The Spills”. A band if I am honest they seem to have been around forever with too little recognition for their work. Im prity sure I have seen them before but cant quite place where and when, but  undoubtedly they were good. Originating from Wakefield, UK, and tipped by none other than the BBCs very own  ”4, 6, 5, 9 The little white line” Tom Robinson (who was a fantastic substitute for The Coral at Glasto last year fyi) they are set to have a big year.

If you like your music with punchy guitars and soft deep vocals The spills are the band for you, If you like Tribes there definitely your vintage and without a doubt you will be purchasing a CD within seconds (If you haven’t  already). 

The Track above is called “Summer Vibes” and it is just a brilliant fun track to get you dancing and jumping around like a Duracell bunny, its off their album “Occams Razor” which is out later this year. Get listening to the rest of their back catalogue here and be sure to tell everyone to “bum The Spills” from now on. Enjoy

Posted on Wednesday, February 22nd 2012, by Moon Powered

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