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Just close your eyes and listen. This is the Fantastic London four-piece called “Torches” with their track “Close Ups” a cover of the “Crushed Beaks” single which was released last year. By adjusting the pase and feel of the song Torches have created a piece of music which would not seem out of place on any established artists album. Its brilliant and cleaver mix of loud and quiet allows the listener to hear the lyrics emotion whist being thrown a musical onslaught later in the track.

Currently unsigned the band are looking for their big break and this could very well be it. With an album to be expected late this year or early next year they will be one of the bands to watch out for this summer. Undoubtedly appearing on many stages at this summers festivals. With fans like Django Django this group will not be stuck in other bands shadows for much longer as their sound is both defined and infectious. The deep throated vocals sound like a mixture between Editors and Hurts, and if you like either of these groups you will surely be adding “Torches” to your iTunes.

I would love to see what this group has to offer the live music scene and will try to see them over the summer. This type of mellow, dance, rock is very much popular now so surely big things are yet to come.

Check out more of their music here on their very stylish looking website. Enjoy.  

Posted on Thursday, March 29th 2012, by Moon Powered

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 Source SoundCloud / snipelondon

Well I need some good gritty rock in my day today and what better way to fulfil that need by listening to the fantastic “Waters” or Van Pierszalowski and Co as they are known. Originating from San Francisco Van P had little success with his previous band Port O’Brein and struggled to get people to listen. Waters is very much his last attempt to hit it big and from the sounds of his début album “Out in the Light”, everything might have finally clicked into place.

With growling guitars and broken vocals the rustic charm of Waters shines through both lyrically and musically. You could compare him to the likes of Bear Hands, White Strips and Feeder. Currently on a world tour and set to tour with Delta Spirit later in the year Waters will be very busy for some time to come. The track above is called “For the One” and is one of many tracks on their album that is just awesome.  

You can listen to more of his sweet music here I know you will want more than this so you can also download a free copy of “For The One” there as well. GET ON IT.

Posted on Friday, February 17th 2012, by Moon Powered

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 Source SoundCloud / cityslang

If your looking for some new music to grace your ears this week let it be “Dan Mangan’s” album “Oh Fortune”. The Canadian born singer song writer has experimented greatly  with music over his lifetime producing three albums up to this point. With folk, classical and rock influences generating a very “ear-friendly” sound. His husky voice and charm are spread very thickly over this album, and it is a complete joy to listen to from start to finish.

Although he has not yet broken into the warm glow of stardom as of yet, this album is paving the way nicely and he is set to appear at this years prestigious experimental music Motel Mozaique Festival in Holland where he will appear on this bill with many other top class acts such as Bowerbirds and The Maccabees.  

If i had to describe his sound it is very much like Syern and Kassidy, using guitars and powerful vocals to create atmospheric music packed to the brim with talent.

I can sing this guys praises all day so its best i stop here and you can have a look for yourself. He has even provided two full albums to listen to on his website here, so tell me what you think of him im sure you will be desperate for more.

Posted on Thursday, February 9th 2012, by Moon Powered

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 Source SoundCloud / killbeat music

I cordially invite you to listen to the magical and pragmatic “Sleep Party People”. Performing in their distinctive white rabbit masks Sleep Party People have been making music to nurture your ears and make you question why all music is not like this.

This Danish group is the work of Brian Batz a man obsessed with dark fairytales and magic working together to create his unique sound. Having recently been signed to “Blood and Biscuits” the same label as Three Trapped Tigers  and Gallops, the UK live music scene is sure to take a beating by this very special outfit.

If you like your music to encompass the boundaries of dark rock and electronica, they are most definitely the band for you. Fans of 65daysofstatic, TTT, Nedry, Sigur Ros and Amusement Parks on Fire will not want to miss them gracing stages this year.

The Track above is taken from their first album released in 2010, its called “Ten Feet Up” and shows you exactly why this group needs to be made a fuss of. And for an extra bonus I have included a live video of them performing a track called “I’m Not Human At All” which they recorded for the ” X Sessions” in Denmark. It really gives you a good feel for the band and gives you an idea of what to expect from their UK tour later this year. 

For more info and extras take a peak here. Enjoy. 

Posted on Monday, January 30th 2012, by Moon Powered

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 Source SoundCloud / Siluh Records