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If your looking for some new music to grace your ears this week let it be “Dan Mangan’s” album “Oh Fortune”. The Canadian born singer song writer has experimented greatly  with music over his lifetime producing three albums up to this point. With folk, classical and rock influences generating a very “ear-friendly” sound. His husky voice and charm are spread very thickly over this album, and it is a complete joy to listen to from start to finish.

Although he has not yet broken into the warm glow of stardom as of yet, this album is paving the way nicely and he is set to appear at this years prestigious experimental music Motel Mozaique Festival in Holland where he will appear on this bill with many other top class acts such as Bowerbirds and The Maccabees.  

If i had to describe his sound it is very much like Syern and Kassidy, using guitars and powerful vocals to create atmospheric music packed to the brim with talent.

I can sing this guys praises all day so its best i stop here and you can have a look for yourself. He has even provided two full albums to listen to on his website here, so tell me what you think of him im sure you will be desperate for more.

Posted on Thursday, February 9th 2012, by Moon Powered

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