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WOW! This is simply the best track i have heard in the past year, 2011 definitely ended with a BANG!

This is the astonishing sound of The Black Keys with a track called ” Little Black Submarines” taken from their latest album “El Camino” released  on December 1st 2011. It may start slowly but give it a chance you wont regret it.

The Black keys are made up of Dan Auerbach, and Patrick Carney from Arkron, Ohio, USA. They have been making music for the past ten years and up until last year did not make a dent in the UK music scene. But with their previous album “Brothers” rampaging into the UK top 3 last year TBK have gone from strength to strength, and this latest track proves that they will be around for some time to come. 

If you like listening to bands that make music from crackling amps, distorted guitars and heavy drumbeats they most definitely are the band for you. If i had to compare them to someone i would say the white stripes are close. But all in all TBK bring back noise and power to a music industry filled with synths and keyboards.  

Music made from drums and guitars is most definitely not dead.

To listen to even more awesomeness go here

or visit there website for up to date news here

Posted on Tuesday, January 3rd 2012, by Moon Powered

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 Source SoundCloud / emanuel.amorim

Well Christmas is around the corner (ONE MORE SLEEP AAAAAGHHHH :D) not that im excited in away. What soever. Never the less I thought I would get in the Christmas spirit and give you all a lovely early Christmas present.

This is the beautiful sound of the emphatic Frightened Rabbit with a typically sober and heartfelt Christmas song for you. The band are from the hills of Scotland and after gaining attention from three brilliant albums the fourth album is most defiantly on everyone’s wish list for 2012. With heartfelt lyrics matched with rock, and folk influences this band could well break through into everyone’s ears soon. 

The song is called “Cheap Gold” and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Merry Christmas Tune Lovers x

Find out more about the band and download the song for FREE here

Posted on Saturday, December 24th 2011, by Moon Powered

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 Source SoundCloud / Frightened Rabbit